Just had to send you an email regarding your talk to our advisers last week.
Both Debbie and I felt that your message was incredibly powerful and made relevant to our business. Comments received subsequently certainly support that thought and I am pleased to say that we are receiving greater levels of business and significantly more interest. I’m sure that our Salesforce got your messages loud and clear. On a personal note, I have listened to many speakers in almost 30 years in Financial Services and I can honestly say that I have never been so moved or felt so empowered. Good luck with your book. If last Wednesday is anything to go on, I’m sure it will be a bestseller!
We would like you to consider speaking at our event next year, if you are able to fit us in!!

Simon Foster MSWW
Director The Secure Will Company (Doncaster) Ltd

Nina spoke on 17th February 2014 to PSA Scotland and enthralled her audience with her honest, humorous and powerful story of being a cancer ‘virgin’ and how she was going to develop a new mind set that basically said “No I am not have any chemo, I won’t wear the labels that said ‘cancer’ and ‘incurable”. It was not what we expected to hear from a “cancer talk”, whatever our mind sets were that night.
Nina is a naturally gifted speaker and story teller and had her audience in the palm of her hand with clever props, honest story telling and a powerful message to take away. As speakers we were asked challenged to ask “What labels do we wear?” “What mind sets do we have?”

We all know the clichés about happiness being a choice and having a positive mind set within our professional and personal lives but what was engaging and powerful about Nina is that she reminded us to get the basics right: positivity, pleasure and passion. And she was that – an inspiring and passionate speaker and we would thoroughly recommend her to any group of business that needs to be reminded about positive thinking.

Neil Dorward, President of Professional Speaking Association, Scotland

Nina is an incredible woman and speaker. I have seen her speak a number of times and she always inspires me. I first booked her to work along side me as a facilitator on a presentation skills bootcamp I was running and she was a true professional and seems to have an eye on everything to ensure everything runs smoothly. And I booked her again, this time as speaker at my iCan Conference. Once again, professional but extremely inspirational. The feedback for her was unanimously positive although I didn’t need to read it as I experienced her live. She’s got a very powerful message and delivers it with panache and with her witty sense of humour.

Richard McCann, International Speaker & Best-selling Author

Nina is a TRUE inspiration. Her outlook on life is simply infectious, her determination to challenge is refreshing and her abilities to enable others to dig deeper, try harder, set higher goals and understand what we are really capable of is truly inspirational.

If you haven’t yet met Nina, I urge you to take some time out to have little Joy in your life. Her book is a MUST READ and definitely one for the amazon list…

Jay Allen, Success Strategy Coach

I asked Nina to speak to my national conference of accountancy and legal advisers, specifically about the tools required to speak to clients who may be ill – either with cancer, or any other life-changing illness.
I had a very specific brief, timescale and budget, and Nina designed the session perfectly to meet all my parameters.
You could hear a pin drop when she was speaking….and keeping their captive attention takes some doing with my delegates! The structure of the session was perfect for the audience, mixing the training styles she used. And it was testament to the quality of her engagement that they were queuing around the room to buy her book, following the session.
I would highly recommend her to any group who want to bring the ‘real world’ into their business or organisation, and prepare their team accordingly.

Kirsty McGregor, Corporate Financier

If you have a team or are an individual that needs to put a plan in place for not just overcoming adversity but smashing it to pieces then Nina is your lady.

Brian Butcher, Financial Coach, Author & Wealth Management Specialist

Nina is a first class Sales Mentor with great energy and dedication. She is people focussed and demands results. She is innovative and results oriented.

Russell Galley, COO Retail Bank (Lloyds Banking Group)


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