For most of my career I have worked in financial services in roles as varied as Training Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Manager, and Head of Legal Products.  I loved my work, and the people I worked with but I got the opportunity to take Voluntary Redundancy, and decided it was time to do something different.  I have always enjoyed connecting with groups of people, and told that I was rather good at it – so time to launch my speaking business.  Which is what I was doing when, in August 2012 I found out that I had breast cancer. By September I had been told that it had spread to my lymph, lungs, liver and bones, and that it is therefore incurable.

The only treatment available was chemotherapy to delay the progress of the disease, and the prognosis was pretty dire.

My inner maverick kicked in, and told me that this was not the right course of action for me. No way was I going to put my health into the hands of people who didn’t believe I could be cured – so I decided to take control, do what I believed to be the right thing for me.

I chose to turn down the treatment, so I could learn more about cancer, my body, and what I could do about it. This is not because I am ready to die – very much the opposite! It’s because I want to live! I decided there and then to take control of my own health and destiny.

I feel as though I have been in training all my life for what I am facing now. I am drawing on everything I have learned throughout my life – from my parents, my education, my profession, and my personal traits of positivity (as well as my maverick streak!)

During 2013, the treatment I was having worked really well, and I just got better and better.  So much so, that my speaking business is now back on track.  The challenge I am facing, plus my extensive experience in business means that I am ideally placed to help businesses also facing challenging times.  I share the steps I follow, inspiring teams to do the same and embrace that challenge head on.

It is now 2015 – 3 years since my diagnosis, and whilst cancer has changed me and my life (mainly for the better), I am not just about cancer.  I had a whole lot of life before the cancer thing, and I want to use that experience too.  How, you may ask?

Instead of being a Cancer Maverick, being the Maverick me I always was.  A maverick in business and in life too.  I am therefore delighted to be working with people, teams and businesses who also want to bring out that maverick streak.  To have the confidence and courage to be yourself, to stand out and sometimes against the crowd.  To achieve extraordinary results, you need to take extraordinary measures.  To do the things which other people may not be prepared to do.

I am now working with a number of businesses on this – being a Maverick Mentor to help them get where they want to be.  I especially enjoy working with ambitious and motivated individuals, sales teams, and people running their own MLM businesses.   I am only accept a small number of people to work with in this way, but if you are interested in being one of that select number, please get in touch.


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