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Since my mum’s last blog update, her and Nina have been spending the last couple of days at the Marie Curie Hospice in Bradford.

After being extremely tired again for the past week, Nina was taken to the hospice by my mum and dad where the lovely team were waiting for her again. They’re in the process of doing some more blood samples and tests, and we’re giving her lots of TLC.

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Well, where do I begin? First of all, let me introduce myself – I’m Julie, Nina’s sister.

Lots of you have been following Nina’s amazing story of determination, knowledge and commitment after such a devastating diagnosis in August 2012. She has constantly learned and shared so much information; and it because of that she has survived (and thrived!) for so long.

You may wonder why Nina has been ‘quiet’ for some time. Sadly, it’s not because she’s been on an exotic holiday. And that’s why I am at the helm of this post – to let people know what has been happening. So, here goes, my first ever blog post…with lots to live up to!

I suppose I am the only person who can fill in the blanks on the last few months accurately, because I’ve been with Nina and witnessed it all.

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It is now a month since I had the results of my scan. It’s a month since I started the new hormone tablet.
After every clinic appointment, a letter is sent to my GP, and I always ask for a copy. When there is so much going on, that summary is very helpful- for me and my family, and if I wish to consult a therapist such as my homeopath, or cancer guru Patricia Peat. As the disease is progressing, it seems I need to do something else – change my regime, add something else. And as I will be rescanned in two months we need to get a wiggle on. I don’t want to be in the position where they tell me “the treatement isn’t working. The only thing we can offer you now is chemo”. Read more »

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ScansIt’s now a week since I went to the hospital for the scan results. There was quite a bit of information to process which was explained verbally. By the doctor I really don’t like in breast clinic. The one who wrinkles her nose if I question or challenge or have an opinion. To be fair, she did try to be as helpful as she could. She provided me with copies of the written reports for both Brain and body. So far, I haven’t been able to read them. So today is the day. I will, while I do this blog. Let’s do it together. Read more »

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We are towards the end of our week in Cyprus. It has felt homely and welcoming. Familiar yet away from all the reality. In short, perfect.
The weather has been kind for this early in the season, and my soul and bones have drunk it in. I have hardly been online choosing instead to read, and meditate and visualise. I brought a favourite book to re-read – Mind over Medicine- scientific proof that you can heal yourself by Dr Lisa Rankin. This book as served me well before, and I reckon it can again.
On the healing front – in March I was really worried that I was into a major decline, yet now, few weeks later, the change is remarkable. (“That’s unusual remarked my Macmillan nurse”. ) I am not taking ant painkillers at all. Because I don’t need them. I am able to sleep comfortably without having to manoeuvre and slide to find one suitable position. My energy is returning, although I’m not doing much to test that in the moment to be fair.
Regarding my brain, i am on steroids to reduce the swelling so my speech isn’t too bad. The moon face on steroids has arrived – I look and feel like I’ve swallowed a huge balloon:-(. My sister helpfully reminds me that balloons don’t get wrinkles. So that’s ok then :-)

This calm interlude has been utterly perfect. I feel very lucky.

We will then inevitably move on to what happens next. My clinic appointment to review the results of the Brain and body scan is on Tuesday 11th April.

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Sorry. Haven’t blogged for an age. I was waiting for good news to share. Hence the radio silence. Better get on with it.

As I confessed last time, not been feeling well. Lots of constant pain in bones especially sternum, ribs, and chest wall. Tired and lack of energy. I was looking forward to going to my friends place in Barbados- how lovely of her to invite me. Thought it might do the trick.

However. The couple of days I had some emotional stuff happen and it was the last straw after the six months of pain and feeling progressively worse and I crumpled. Couldn’t stop crying, felt even more pain and generally had a meltdown. I couldn’t get out of bed to the taxi, never mind to the airport and flight on my own. So I couldn’t go. Stood up my best friend. How rude. Luckily she couldn’t have been more understanding x

I had a bad couple of days or so to rest.

It became apparent to my family that I need help and went to the oncology assessment unit. They are wonderful.
I’ve been checked out. This is where we are at with Brain and Body

Brain – I have symptoms like before, affecting speech, texting, reading and writing . (Alopogies for brief communication- its exhausting. Thank goodness for spellcheck help).
There may also be symptoms with my right hand. All my worst nightmares. Boom.
I am awaiting an urgent Brain Scan to understand what’s going on. I am on steroids to reduce the swelling which helps with speech (but make me feel crap).

Body – body scan to check bones, chest, lungs etc to see what’s going on. Got a cancellation appointment so that has been done but no results yet.

So it’s a waiting game until be know what we are dealing with.

I guess this is the drill from now on.

I used to feel that I didn’t cancer- almost. I don’t feel that right now. I feel that I’ve graduated. A bona fine cancer graduate.
So much so that I now have my very own McMillan nurse and very lovely she is too.

In other news,I am feeling much better mentally and physically and have stopped the painkillers. Thank you to my sister especially, my family who make everything better. And the friends who have got my back while I’m feeling so vulnerable. You are the reasons I am feeling better already, who will help me to heal and recover, and make me laugh.
In fact, you’re incredible. Thank you.

While waiting for appointments etc we are popping over to our place in Cyprus for sun and r and r. Hope it turns ok this time! And I will be ready for whatever when we come back.

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A few things have happened recently which have resulted in this blog.

The first one was a conversation between my sister and niece – I was within earshot but doing something in the kitchen. I don’t remember which one said to the other “she tries to make us all think she’s a lot better than she really is doesn’t she”. I thought, “do I?” Maybe I do.

The other was when I was talking to a Bioresonance client of mine. She too has breast cancer and was diagnosed Stage 4 straight away as I was. She was telling me that she finds it hard to know what to say when friends how she is, the expectation being that as her treatment has finished, she is better now, right? Her response is invariably “I’m fine, thank you” and we laugh in total understanding and comaraderie. She is anything but fine of course – finding out whether the last treatment has worked or not, what the next one will be, and indeed whether there are even any options still to try.

I am therefore going to do one of the things which makes properly makes me squirm Read more »

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It’s that time of year. When you reflect on the last year and look forward to the next.

As you know, I love to set goals for the coming year. I have done since I can’t remember when. It’s something that has served me well, to give me ambitions and direction. I have spent many a Christmas holiday planning and getting excited about my Goals.

Let’s take 2016 as an example. My achievements for the year include
– Moving into my new house after living temporarily with my sister
– Organising a myriad of home improvements – bedroom decorated, new flooring in hall and bedroom, sourcing several items of furniture to suit the style of the house, roof repaired, and garden tidied
– Investing in a Bioresonance machine, and starting my training

It was all going rather well in fact. Until we found out that the symptoms I was experiencing (difficulty with speech, and with writing) turned out to be that the breast cancer had spread to my brain. I think that made it a full house to go with the lymph, bones, lungs and liver – metastatic breast cancer at it’s finest.
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I received the appointment letter last Thursday – and it was the following Tuesday before I got a response. That feels like a long time when you are wondering why you’ve been called in for an urgent appointment.
The phone call on Tuesday confirmed that it was indeed an error. So I don’t need to attend at all Great news for me and even more so for my sister and brother-in-law who would take me, and who are always busy and even more so at this time of year. Great stuff.
Except that the universe had other plans as is often the case.
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I told you I would blog more regularly didn’t I?

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks – some emotional times with people close to me which have left me what I can only describe as bruised and battered. Not anyone’s fault, but nevertheless taken its toll. Actually, scratch that. Apparently it is the fault of the full moon which makes relationships and communication difficult (ain’t that the truth!. And mercury is to be in retrograde from 19th December so the challenges are likely to continue.

I look less sparkly and shiny than I normally do, so forgive me. Normal service will soon be resumed.

Oh yes. And then the small matter of a letter from the hospital Last week we agreed that my next appointment will be in February. The letter I received yesterday says that I have an appoint on 23rd December. I have no idea why. And then you inevitably jump to conclusions. It something wrong? Have they re-looked at my scans? Have the blood results come back with sky high tumour markers?

I rang my lovely breast care nurse yesterday. She got back to me today, and looking at my records she has no idea why. She will have to email Dr Chaudry (I don’t know who this is) and I am likely to get to know next Tuesday.

Will let you know the next exciting instalment.

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Hello lovely people. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been blogging much. This year has been tough, and I’ve felt that I haven’t much to say other than whinging about not driving. So I decided to kept it to myself. It’s really not anyone else’s problem, you are all getting on with your own lives, what wouldn’t you? It’s now the tenth month of not driving. Although I am never going to be ok with it, I have reached a level of acceptance with a modicum of good grace. Finally

Which is a good job really.

The appointment for my brain scan results was last week. It’s not a particularly uplifting experience – the focus has to be about looking to see if anything is worse. The very lovely Dr Hatfield helps though. (Secret doctor crush going on here)
The summary of the results – the tumour appears to have a thicker and more pronounced outline, and is the time size or maybe slightly larger.
Hmmm. Not what a gal wants to hear.
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I have mentioned a few times that I am starting my own home based business as a bioresonance therapist. I have a beautiful therapy room, have been training for much of this year, and I am now ready!

I thought you would be interested to know why I am so impressed with bioresonance. It isnt yet well known in the UK, but I was lucky enough to find out about it 3 years ago. This tells you why its been so important to me and my health, and why I now want to help more people on the road to health and wellness. Read more »

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Generally, someone with Stage 4 cancer will have scans every 3 months or so. I’m not so keen on having them so often though. A CT scan gives you a dose of radiation. You know, the radiation that increases the chances of you getting cancer. Ironic ? A little. But this needs to be weighed up against the need for information on whether the disease is progressing.

Over the last little while I have been aware of tenderness, almost ‘bruising’ on my sternum. I guess I’ve been even more aware because of an energetic puppy bounding into my lap and jumping up against my chest area. ( Cue gratuitous photo of cute dog). So this is why I agreed to a scan.
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FacebookHi lovely people

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I don’t seem to have much to say for myself.

Anyway, to the good news. I went for the results of the second brain scan a week ago. To see if the two “unknown” spots are due to the surgery, or the beginning of more tumours.
Here is the Facebook post to tell my friends what happened –
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It’s an important anniversary and methinks a blog is called for.
Four years since I had THAT diagnosis. And yet here I am. *waving hello*

I remember vividly the data from Jimmys about the life expectancy of patients diagnosed initially with metastatic breast cancer – and the figures weren’t pretty. Many would die as quickly as 3 months, and then the numbers dwindled as the number of months increased. The very last person to die with this diagnosis was 54 months. Four and a half years. So that’s why this Cancerversary has been such a milestone for me. I have outlived nearly everyone (of which there are many – it’s a busy renowned cancer hospital) analysed from the data from this particular hospital.
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